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Bryce Canyon Association

Since 1961, the Bryce Canyon Association has been assisting and promoting the education, research and interpretive programs of Bryce Canyon National Park. As the official nonprofit partner of Bryce Canyon National Park and Dixie National Forest, we are helping to ensure that these national treasures will be enjoyed now and by future generations.

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Hiking in Bryce Canyon is one of the best ways to experience this unique national treasure!

Bryce Canyon offers several day-hiking trails. Because many of these are interconnected, our most popular hikes are combinations of two or more of these basic trails.

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Adopt-a-Prairie Dog

Help preserve and protect Bryce Canyon National Park’s Utah Prairie Dog.

The Utah Prairie Dog has been federally listed under the Endangered Species Act since 1973 and is protected as a threatened species. Bryce Canyon National Park reintroduced the Utah Prairie Dog to park meadows from 1974 through 1988 and is the only National Park Service unit where they occur. Today, approximately 200 Utah Prairie Dogs are
found within several meadow complexes within the Park.

2024 News & Events

Visitor information for Spring 2024

Planning a visit to Bryce Canyon National Park this spring? Today the park announced updated facilities, concessions and shuttle information for its 2024 spring season.

Date: 2024

Utah Prarie Dog Day

Come help us celebrate a keystone species and Utah’s only endemic mammal, the Utah Prairie Dog! There will be children’s activities, a prairie dog watching event, and more!

Date: May 9, 2024

Astronomy Festival

There’s no place quite like Bryce Canyon by day, and no time like a new moon in June to enjoy it by night. Astronomy festivals feature family-friendly daytime activities and ranger-led evening programs and constellation tours.

Date: June 5-8, 2024

Geology Festival

Join park rangers for guided hikes, family-friendly geology programs, evening programs as well as exhibits and family oriented activities at the Visitor Center.

Date: July 12-13, 2024

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