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Bryce Canyon Association (BCA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and the official nonprofit partner of Bryce Canyon National Park and Dixie National Forest, operating retail shops and visitor centers within the park, and surrounding national forest lands.

Bryce Canyon Association

In 1923, a group of private citizens began to raise money for photography and geology displays for Yosemite National Park – as the park itself did not have the budget to fund these endeavors. This organization was eventually named the Yosemite National History Association and became the first non-profit to partner with a national park.

Following suit, in 1929, a ranger naturalist in Zion National Park formed the Zion Bryce Natural History Association. This organization continued as the fundraising partner for both parks until 1961, when they split into the Zion National History Association (now the Zion Forever Project) and the Bryce Canyon Natural History Association.

Since then, the BCNHA has been able to raise and donate millions of dollars for Bryce Canyon National Park to support general visitor services, as well as countless scientific, educational, research, and interpretative programs.

In 2022 – in celebration of Bryce Canyon’s 100th year as a protected national treasure – the BCNHA became the Bryce Canyon Association, reflecting its hybrid role as a fundraiser via retail sales from the Visitor Center, and via the generosity of philanthropic corporate and private donors.

The Magic of the Hoodoos

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Employment Opportunities

BCA works diligently to support its employees by providing meaningful work, a positive environment and opportunities for long-term growth.

Partnering For The Future

BCA partners with Bryce Canyon National Park, and the Dixie National Forest to educate, inspire and connect visitors.
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Below are examples of programs BCNHA supports through direct and in-kind support from these retail locations.

  • Free Hoodoo Newspaper and Hiking Maps
  • Junior Ranger Program Booklets and Badges
  • Education & Outreach Position
  • Wildlife Studies:  Mountain Lion, Bear and Prairie Dog
  • Special Events: Astronomy & Geology Festivals
  • SUU Alliance for Education Partnership
  • SCA/ IIC Interns to Assist with visitor services and geology
  • Nitrate Negative Restoration
  • Geologic Haz Mapping for Safety
  • Kwiyamunts Youth Camp