Historic, Family-owned Ruby’s Inn Celebrates 100 Years

BRYCE CANYON CITY, Utah, Nov. 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Bryce Canyon’s historic hotel, Ruby’s Inn, is celebrating 100 years of family-owned service to guests of the prominent National Park.


In 1916, Rueben, ‘Ruby,’ Syrett brought his family to southern Utah and established a ranch near present day Ruby’s Inn. He soon learned about Bryce Canyon, and after seeing the impressive scene he knew it was something special. Ruby spread the word about the beauty of the area to everyone he knew and got permission to build a ‘tourist lodge’ nearby.

Lance Syrett, the great-grandson of Ruby is now the general manager of Ruby’s Inn, while many other family members take part in the business.

“We live in such a beautiful, family-oriented community that has allowed our family business to really thrive,” Syrett said. “As our family has grown in size, the business has grown along with it.”

A century later, Ruby’s Inn has overcome a number of difficulties including a large fire in 1984. But overcoming challenges and never accepting defeat was a legacy that Ruby passed onto his posterity.

“The fire in 1984 was a challenge for my family and for the business,” Syrett said. “But my uncle, Bob Syrett, turned what could have been a disaster into a new start and used it as an opportunity for even more growth.”

Today, Ruby’s Inn takes pride in being the closest lodging to Bryce Canyon National Park. The lodging has grown into multiple buildings, an RV Park and campground, and even a main street reminiscent of the Old West. In 2007, the property even became its own town known as Bryce Canyon City.

“Even with so much growth and modern amenities, the charm of Ruby’s Inn remains, as the atmosphere is very reminiscent of the original settlement,” Syrett said. “We’ve embraced the old west theme which many of our guests, especially those who are from other countries, really enjoy.”


About Ruby’s Inn:
Since 1916, Ruby’s Inn has been making it easy for visitors from around the world to experience the epic scenery of Bryce Canyon National Park. Ruby’s Inn is located at the entrance to the park and offers the closest lodging with everything from luxury hotel rooms to RV parks and campgrounds. Ruby’s Inn is open year-round with a General Store that provides fuel, groceries, camping gear, clothing and gifts.