Bryce Canyon National Park Recieves Top Rating Award

Bryce Canyon National Park Recieves Top Rating Award


For a record-breaking 18th year in a row, The Michelin Guide has awarded Bryce Canyon a 3-star ranking.

The Michelin Guide, a European Guidebook which gives awards to locations around the globe, awarded Bryce Canyon National Park 3 stars, making it one of five locations in Utah to receive the honor. Zion National Park and Monument Valley, in comparison, were only given a two-star rating.

Garfield County Director of Tourism, Falyn Owens, says the reward is based on nine criteria, including the number of monuments and how well known an area is.

“So, the first impression of the visitor, how renowned it is, or its popularity. Historic significance, beauty, authenticity, convenience and visitor friendliness, and then the quality of the visit.”

Owens also says there are areas around Bryce Canyon that makes the park such a popular tourist attraction.

“We have the Grand Staircase, Escalante National Monument and the National scenic Highway 12, which is Utah’s only All-American road. And all of these things can be accessed off that route alone.”

About the “Michelin Guide”

The “Michelin Guide” is a high-profile European guidebook, known for being the first to implement the system of awarding stars to restaurants. Later it expanded to include reviews of cities and attractions.

Authors of the guide take into account nine criteria for awarding stars, which cover first impression on the visitor, popularity, beauty and esthetic qualities, authenticity and charm and quality of reception and visit among other factors.

“Michelin doesn’t easily distribute three stars,” Olivier Barthez, from the Utah Office of Tourism France said. “For example, Zion National Park and Monument Valley are both rated two stars.”

The star system is as follows: One star indicates that a place is worth visiting, two stars means it’s worth the detour, and three stars justifies a trip.

“Michelin is one of Europe’s most recognized brands and the ‘Michelin Guide’ is THE reference in travel guides within the French-speaking countries,” Barthez said. “The three stars will definitely make an impact on European visitors who plan a trip to the Southwestern United States.”