Adopt-a-Prairie Dog


Adopt-a-Prairie Dog

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The Utah Prairie Dog has been federally listed under the Endangered
Species Act since 1973 and is protected as a threatened species. Bryce Canyon National Park reintroduced the Utah Prairie Dog to park meadows in 1974 through 1988 and is the only National Park Service unit where they exist. Today, approximately 200 Utah Prairie Dogs are found within several meadow complexes in the park.

Utah Prairie Dogs are considered "keystone species" that perform a variety of important ecological functions including: soil aeration which helps plants grow, providing prey for other animals, and maintaining healthy meadow ecosystems. Although protected, the Utah Prairie Dog still faces challenges to its survival as human development, disease and drought continue to threaten remaining colonies. Please help us protect our Utah Prairie Dogs.

Adopt-a-Prairie Dog to Preserve and Protect All Bryce Canyon Wildlife

By joining the Adopt-a-Prairie Dog program, you can help protect the Utah Prairie Dog, an important "keystone species." When we support populations of such an important animal, it helps to maintain a healthy ecosystem and its ability to support other wildlife, including birds of prey, deer, badgers, foxes and many other species.

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