Visitor Center – Experience New Exhibits

Visitor Center – Experience New Exhibits

Thanks to you, the park has installed brand new exhibits at the Visitor Center. 80% of all entrance station fees stay in the park to help with special projects that connect back to you, the visitor. Just in time for the 2016 National Park Service (NPS) Centennial, the exhibits are now available for viewing. In fact, on the NPS birthday, August 25, there will be a special ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially commemorate this project along with a debut film viewing, Bryce Canyon Memories. Most people’s first stop at a national park is the Visitor Center so that they can orient themselves to their new park. The $1.5 million project dubbed “Scales of Time” features the interplay between the earth’s history (power of erosion), biological life zones, and human ties to the land. You will learn about unique geological formations (“hoodoos”), Utah Prairie Dogs, and the exceptional clarity of our air (those stellar skies!). But we don’t want to give away any surprises, so make sure you stop on by!


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Adopt-a-Prairie Dog to Preserve and Protect All Bryce Canyon Wildlife
By joining the Adopt-a-Prairie Dog program, you can help protect the Utah Prairie Dog, an important “keystone species.” When we support populations of such an important animal, it helps to maintain a healthy ecosystem and its ability to support other wildlife, including birds of prey, deer, badgers, foxes and many other species.